Kadife Sokak Kadikoï

Integrating the legacy of the past centuries with world music, Mod-A Recording Studio is forming professionally the sound of Kadikoi to its new shape. As a studio our mission is to conduct local sounds to the rest of the world.

According to this mission, Mod-A Recording Studio is hosting local musicians, thespians , mobile app designers , illustrators and radio broadcasters since February 2016 here on Velvet Street. We are well aware of the fact that if we don’t listen we won’t be listened and also if we don’t entertain we won’t be entertained. With the intention of developing self awareness and talents we are working together as one.

Studio Mod-A continues to host musicians, theatricalists, mobile application designers, cartoonists and radios in Kadife Street since February 2016 due its mission. We know that if we do not relax, we will not be able to entertain. We strive together to prove our mastery in the field that has been laid to improve our individual skills and originality.

We are pleased to welcome you to your new home for recording oriented rehearsals alongside radio broadcasting, dubbing and more…




  • Digi 003 R k
  • Rme ADI-8 DS
  • Api 550 EQ
  • Akai x201d 4-ch Tape Recorder
  • Yamaha Hs5 Monitors

500 series modules

  • dbx 560a Compressor (pair)
  • warm audio tb13 Preamp
  • struder 169 eq
  • api 312


  • Shure Sm57(x4)
  • Shure Sm58
  • Senheisser e906
  • ElectroVoice Re20
  • Rode Nt2a
  • SE electronics X1


  • Fender Rhodes Mark I 73 — 1976
  • Vermona Formation 3 Organ
  • Yamaha AEX Hollow Boddy Guitar
  • Sonor 3005 Drums
  • Moog Sub37 BMoog Tribute Edition


  • Kustom H5 Tube Amp
  • Vox Bass Amp
  • Fender Sidekick Rev


Mac Pro 2008 Tower
2x2.8GHz Quad-Core Xenon
10GB Ram

Pro Tools 12
Tractor Scratch Pro


Kadife Sokak Kadikoï